The Role of Public Participation

The Aarhus Convention protects every person’s right to live in a healthy environment and it guarantees the public three key rights on environmental issues:

  • Access to information - the right to access environmental information that is held by public authorities. 

  • Public participation - the right to participate in environmental decision-making.

  • Access to justice - the right of access to justice.

Public Participation refers to the various mechanisms which provide opportunities for the public to become informed and express opinion.

A comprehensive programme of public participation events is planned for Autum 2024 and will be advertised extensively.


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The Public Participation Plan

We welcome your thoughts on the Silvermines Hydro Project as part of our project planning.

A programme of open and inclusive public participation is currently in the design stage, and it is anticipated this will begin implementation in early autumn 2024. This participation programme will be published on the website once approved and advertising will alert the public to various opportunities to engage.

If you have any queries about public participation, you can contact us via

Key Indicative Dates for Public Participation

Key Indicative Dates for Public Participation

The Silvermines Hydro Newsletter

A newsletter will keep people informed of the project’s progress.

It will detail opportunities to participate in public events and provide information regarding the project including the opportunities and impact it will have.

Enquiries about the project can be submitted via our query form. We will endeavour to come back to you within a reasonable timeframe.


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